Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions

What is Jobtiviti?

Jobtiviti is a social jobseeking app that helps you to apply for jobs with your true potential. We combine traditional Job seeking information (like Resume) and social activities to produce a comprehensive resume profile for jobseekers.

Why should I download this app?

We understand Jobseekers' concerns of having to send resumes everywhere but have been called for an interview just to fulfil the quota. We aim to set up as many Jobseekers with the right work!

Where can I download this app?

You can find our app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!

Is this the final version of the App?

We are continuously improving our mobile app based on your feedback. In Version 3.0 we have new enhancements! Our app looks much better. You can build your Jobtiviti Profile In-App, you can apply for jobs immediately and review pre-screening questions before recording your video! Help us build a better app for you by emailing your ideas to

Will there be hiring employers on Jobtiviti?

Unlike other job portals, employers can post job ads, search for specific criteria, view your profile and send you pre-screening questions – for free! With these free basic services, we want to get as many employers on board so they can find you.

What makes Jobtiviti different from other Jobseeking apps?

We know, all jobseeking websites and apps look almost the same right. Jobtiviti is different because we help you to build your jobseeking profile and generate your skill sets based on all information available through job activities, resume information and job challenges. By doing this, we help future employers to see your true strengths and skills.

Do I need to pay to use this app?

This app is FREE for all jobseekers! Download today!

Can I use this app on desktop or laptop?

Jobtiviti is currently available only on Android and IOS mobile devices.

Registration & verification

Can I register more than one account using the same email?

Only one account is allowed for each email. Also, why would you want more than 1 jobseeking profile? With Jobtiviti, 1 profile is enough!

I'm having problems registering my account!

Please fill in all details necessary which are labelled by the asterisks (*) and click Submit Profile. Also make sure that you have a strong internet connection. If you still have issues, contact us at

Help! I can't login to my Jobtiviti account.

Try to remeber how did you initially register with Jobtiviti. If you registered via Google or Facebook, click on "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Facebook" respectively. If you registered via email & password, please ensure that you have keyed in the correct email and password (and a strong internet connection). If the problem persists, you can try to reset your password by clicking on Forget Password at the bottom of the login page. A new password will be emailed to you shortly.

Password & Security

What happens if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password by clicking on Forget Password at the bottom of the login page. Enter your email address to receive a temporary password via email to login into your account. Once you login, you will be prompted to change the temporary password to your new password. You can now login with your new password.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change your password anytime. To change your password, go to Profile > Settings and fill up the Change Password form. Once filled, click on the Change Password button. You will be prompted once you have successfully changed your password.

Jobs & Interview

How do I apply for jobs using Jobtiviti App?

Applying for jobs is easy with Jobtiviti:
1. Download Jobtiviti App
2. Register your Jobtiviti accountand
3. Verify your account (check your email)
3. Complete your Resume Information
4. Click on Jobs Tab and Apply!

Am I guaranteed by Jobtiviti that I will get an interview and a job?

Jobtiviti doesn't guarantee any jobseekers to get an interview or a job. But we do guarantee a platform that allows you to showcase your complete potential. You will be submitting video answering employers' pre-screening questions on Jobtiviti platform. So when they want to meet you, they really do!

What can I do to increase the chances of getting hired?

In Jobtiviti, we believe you are more than your resume. Want to stand a better chance with employers? Do more productive activities and post it in the app to show your true potential!

After shortlisted, is it mean I need to attend the interview?

Once shortlisted, you are required to answer pre-screening questions via your phone and send it to the employer first. After employers view your videos and request to connect with you, only then they will receive your contactable details and ask to meet you in real life.

Can we decline the offer from employers?

It is entirely up to Jobseekers to either accept or decline the offer. However, let us not be unfair to employers and fellow jobseekers. Jobtiviti reserves the right to ban your account if you have failed to respond to employers without valid reason!

Will I be notified if my job application is being rejected ?

We really hope that you can land your dream job you’ve been aiming for with Jobtiviti! We promise we won’t let you fall into “resume black hole” where your application is ignored by the employers. You will receive an email and get a push notification if it’s good news or bad news!

Help support & privacy

How to delete my account?

We are sad to see you go 🙁 If you wish to delete your account, go to the Profile tab, click Settings and click ‘DELETE ACCOUNT’ at the bottom of the page.

What happens to my profile if I delete my app?

Nothing will happen to your profile if you decided to delete your app. However we are bound to manage your data as per our Privacy Policy.

How do I ask for help?

Here you go! You can always contact us at Drop us an email and tell us your problem so we can get back to you shortly.

Is my data protected?

We take data privacy seriously. You can refer to our Privacy Policy.

Resume, quizzes & other rewards

Can I upload my existing resume?

Yes! You can upload your existing resume via Jobtiviti App, or via website using this link but it will take a longer time to generate your resume. Once it is ready, your resume will be emailed to you. To ease the employers' search for talent, we have built a Resume Information that links directly to your talent profile where you can fill up your resume details on your own. Once you fill up the details, you will be able to view your Jobtiviti Profile instantly!

Why should I complete the Resume Information?

By completing the Resume Information, you can be matched to the right companies. Imagine your dream employer searching for jobseekers who are exactly like you, but have to settle for the second best because you didn’t complete your Resume Information. That will be tragic, no?

Can I change my resume details?

Of course! You can change your resume details anytime to keep it updated! You can click on 'Edit Resume Info' on My Profile to change your details.

If you uploaded your resume via web, you can click on 'Edit' in the email. The latter option will lead you to a prefilled form where you can change any details that you wish. Once completed, you will be emailed a new resume.

Can I download my resume and share it outside of Jobtiviti?

Yes, you can! Your resume will be emailed to you, and you can download from the link provided. Now we even make it better for you where you can download your Jobtiviti Profile that consists of the results of your personality information and your recent (Job)Activities. You can bring along to any interview and share it to your future employers so they can see your true potential, beyond your resume!

As a jobseeker, would I be able to see other jobseekers resume?

For privacy purposes, jobseekers will not be able to see each other’s resume. But you are able to see the productive (Job)Activities the other jobseekers are posting on their Social Profile.

Can I choose my resume template? What about a different colour?

As for now, there is only one basic default resume template. We are continuously improving our product and look forward to adding on new templates and colour choices in the future.

What are the Quizzes?

Quizzes are short & fun questions for you to unlock and answer. Your answer will be mapped up to the different spectrum of personality and preference so we can recommend you to the right employers for you. There is no right or wrong, just different personality!

If I answer the quizzes, how does it help me with my jobseeking?

Say you are someone who likes to stay indoor and improve your computer skills. You dream job is also to work in the office instead of going out there to meet people. If that is reflected in the quizzes, you will appear in search results for employers who are looking to fill that specific job!


What is (Job)Activity?

(Job)Activity is one of the feature inside our app where you can post anything productive to shows your true potential. This is to help you separate your personal post on other social media platform with the job-related-activities that will help you land on the right job.

Why I should post (Job)Activity?

We encourage you to update as many (Job)Activities to show your true ability in order to get hired! The more you post, the higher the chances of you getting shortlisted.

What kind of (Job)Activities am I allowed to post?

(Job)Activities can be just about anything (productive!). From the books you have read, to volunteering, attending courses, playing sports or even practising your hobbies!

Can I post any personal activities or anything unrelated to job searching?

Yes, but we don’t encourage you to do so because your profile can be seen by the employers. – You don’t want to be judged based on your personal life, do you?

Can I comment on other people's (Job)Activities?

Jobtiviti is also a social activity app and is built for you to have a better networking opportunity. So yes, you can comment on their job activities!

How many photos can I upload for every (Job)Activity post?

For now, You can upload one photo for each job activities you update. We are enhancing our product very soon!

Can I upload videos for my (Job)Activity post?

Unfortunately no for now. Yet, we are continuously improving our product and will include that feature soon!



General questions

Can you explain more about Jobtiviti?

Jobtiviti is a tech recruitment startup that provides a pay per hire solution at an affordable fee. Employers can register, post a position with comprehensive requirements, receive relevant profiles, view videos of shortlisted candidates and unlock contactable details for free. We charge upon successful placement for as low as RM200.

What are the services offered to Employers by Jobtiviti from using its platform?

If you are a registered employer with Jobtiviti, you can use our basic services for free. Our basic services includes end-to-end steps such as : 1. Posting a Job Ad 2. Using extensive candidate requirements and quizzes 3. Receive profiles and relevant candidates 4. View pre-screening videos of shortlisted candidates 5. Unlock contactable details of interested candidates

If all of those services are for free, how do you charge?

All employers will get 1 free end-to-end hiring package a month. It is end-to-end hence you can get a candidate’s details for free. However, if employers want to get additional quota or more enhanced services, you can add on.

How do you charge low?

On top of sourcing candidates externally, we build our own database via our mobile app. Our central recruitment team find and filter relevant candidates for you via our proprietary matching algorithm based on comprehensive data - points of each candidates.

Registration & verification

How do I join as an Employer?

You can visit our website at and sign up for free. Once you have registered you would need to fill in your company details and you can start creating Talent Profiles and posting Job Ads.

Do we have to verify our account after we register?

Yes, account verification is necessary to ensure every registered company is legitimate. If we need further verification, we will call you within 2 business days upon registration.

What do I need to check for verification?

For us to verify your company, you must ensure that your email address and business registration number you entered are valid. After signing up your company, we will send you an email to verify your email address.

Can we register more than 1 account using the same email and company name?

No, you can only register one account using the same email and company name.

How do i create a company profile?

Once you register a new company, you can fill up information of your company on our dashboard. However, Jobseekers will only see profile of verified companies on the app.

Can I see jobseekers by being a user of the app?

You can register as a user to see the feed. However, if you are an employer looking to hire, you will have to skim through one by one of their Job Activity postings. If you register as an employer, our search filters and matching capabilities will save you time & energy with analyzed Jobseeker Profiles.

Recruitment Process

Talent Requirement - What if the hard skills that i want are not in the list?

You can tell us about your preferred Hard Skills in the last column “Tell us more”. Our Matching team will look at the requests and recommend you the right talent.

Who will see my Job Ad?

Your Job Ad will be seen by all jobseekers in Jobtiviti. However, our matching algorithm will ensure you only receive profiles of relevant applicants.

What is pre-screening?

For each Job Ad, you can select 3 questions from our library for them to answer via video recording. If the candidates are interested in that position and you want them too, they can record themselves answering the questions and you can view their video answers to your questions!

Who will see the pre-screening interview questions?

Only candidates you have shortlisted will see the interview questions and answer it via video recordings.

What if the pre-screening questions that i want to ask is not listed?

Thank you for considering our free pre-screening video feature. For now, we want to ensure the questions are limited to the list. However, if you have any other questions you want us to add to the list, feel free to suggest improvements at

Will we get notification when Jobseekers accept or decline our pre-screening invitation?

Yes, you will get a notification via email!

How many Jobseekers do you currently have right now?

We have more than 8,000 jobseekers in our database. However, we also source for candidates outside of our database based on your hiring needs.

What is a "Connect"?

1 connect is 1 candidate who you have shortlisted and want to contact. Once connected, you will be able to view the contactable details of the candidates such as phone number, email and social media links.



General questions

Do I need to pay to register and upload my course on the platform?

NO! You can use our platform for free. No registration fee, No course placement fee, No Trainee Acquisition fee.

Do I have to pay Jobtiviti to get trainees to enrol on my training course?

NO! Jobtiviti will bear the cost of any trainee acquisition effort via our platform. However, you are welcome to acquire trainees via your own channels as well.

Can I engage with trainees who enrolled to my courses?

Yes you can! Trainees will be able to submit questions via our platform. You can then answer directly to those trainees!

How can I earn my course fee?

For private trainees who pay for their courses themselves, you will earn course fee for each trainees that enrolled in your course. We are in discussion to set milestone for HRDF-Claimable training.

Who sets the course fee of my training?

You can set the course fees for your training. However, we can advise you on competitive pricing based on other overseas competitors such as Udemy & Coursera

How do you ensure potential trainees can pay for my training courses?

Our ads targeting will target private trainees who can afford average price of courses. However, we are in discussion with various government bodies to allow for the platform to be HRDF-Claimable.

What is the criteria for a training provider to upload course on the platform?

Any training providers can register and upload their courses. However, trainees will only be subsidised for courses courses by HRDF-Certified Training Providers (upon approval)

What kind of courses can I upload on the platform?

You can upload any courses that you think will be beneficial for potential trainees. Jobtiviti will only review sensitive & inappropriate course content.

What kind of training method do you support?

Upon phase 1.0 launch, we support pre-prepared training method where trainees will self-learn based on the material that you upload. We will launch live classes soon after!

What kind of training material can I upload?

Any materials that can help your trainees. This includes video, images, PowerPoint, Word and PDF. You are also required to set up assessments to monitor trainees progress.

When will I receive my course fee?

You will receive the course fees that you earned on monthly payment basis.

I don’t have digital content. What do I do?

We will prepare guideline on how you can digitalise your training content. For a start, we will guide early training providers on a case-by-case basis

When will this platform be live?

We are in the process of refining the platform. Launch date is set latest by Mid August!

How many courses can each Training Provider upload?

You can upload as many courses as you want! There is no limit for as long as you think the courses will be beneficial for potential trainees!