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You know that your potential is more than your resume. You want to know the best employment opportunity for you. You want to learn the right skills. You are left hanging without any response when you apply for jobs. You feel that you wasted your time going for an interview for a job you never stood a change for. You feel that jobseeking should be more interesting. You feel that you want to learn more from other jobseekers.

Jobtiviti is for you!

Show your true potential with Jobtiviti profile!

Your jobseeking profile will not only consist of traditional information in your resume, but a more complete reflection of your ability to attract potential employers. You can showcase your work preferences, basic personality, soft skills, and productive activities that might be relevant to the jobs. 

Resume Information

Personality & Preference


 An app with everything you need to get employed!

Jobtiviti Profile

Start building your profile which is more comprehensive than a typical resume. Use our resume maker, take short quizzes & post productive (Job)Activity you have done!

Online Training

Get recommendation of suitable training courses for you to upskill! Enrol, Learn & get Certified online by quality trainers to enhance your Jobtiviti profile!

Job Seeking

You can also apply for Jobs with your Jobtiviti profile. Other than our matching algorithm to save your time, you can also answer employer’s pre-screening questions via video!

Save time with our jobseeking process!

We want to make jobseeking easier for you. We have gotten feedback from more than 1,000 jobseekers and built an app that reduces your frustration. Our mantra is simple. You should focus on what matters - building your Jobtiviti Profile and let employers know your true potential!


Build your Jobtiviti Profile



for jobs


Answer pre-screening

questions via video


Get connected to serious employers

Jobseeking should not be boring!

Jobtiviti is a social jobseeking app that connects you with other jobseekers. This is an opportunity for you to do productive activities that will assist you in your next job. We want to make jobseeking fun!

Social Post

Interact with other jobseekers in our social feed. You can either post a social update or post your job-related activities here. Also see what others have posted and interact with them. Encourage each other towards landing that dream job!

Jobtiviti Feed

A (Job)Activity is an productive activity that you want to show your potential employer. Share with others about the books you've just read, the videos you've just watched, skills you've just learnt, events you've just volunteered for, par-time gigs you've worked on or any other productive activities! Get inspired by what others have done too!


Looking for things to do? Check out our Jobtiviti Feed to see articles relevant to jobseeking. We will also be adding interesting articles, events, courses & many more opportunities for you to participate in!

Companies can post Job Ad, view your profiles, request pre-screening videos and many more for free with Jobtiviti! We want to help jobseekers get access to as many working opportunities as possible!

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