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Unleash your career's full potential and unlock limitless professional opportunities.

Feeling worried about your career and clueless about tackling new workplace tasks?

Let us be your tasks navigator, providing expert guidance to unlock your full potential and triumph over any challenges at your workplace.

What will you receive?

17 Modules

You can choose to learn any modules that you are interested in such as Data Analysis, Desktop Research, Project Plan, Digital Marketing, Budgeting, Meeting Coordination and many more!

60 Real-task Exercises

Up to 60 exercises based on real-work situations that you can do guided by tutorial videos. It is optional but it can be your reference for future tasks that you can do step by step accordingly. 

1-Year Access

You can access and learn all the modules for 12 months. Use this programme as your tasks navigator anytime when needed no matter day and night. 

Flexible Learning

This is pre-recorded learning programme where you can learn anytime and anywhere as long you own a laptop or mobile and internet connection.

List of Modules

  1. Work Plan: Plan your work!

  2. Research: Do concise business research!

  3. Data Analysis: Work with data!

  4. Product: Help improve the product!

  5. Project Plan: Become a project master!

  6. Budgeting: Understanding ringgit & cent!

  7. Pitching: Ace the presentation!

  8. Coordination: Be a meeting master!

  9. Sales Cycle: Learn how to close!

  10. Sales Monitor: Manage important processes!

  11. Customer Service: Handle difficult situations!

  12. Customer Insights: Plan feedback process!

  13. Digital Marketing: Be the marketer!

  14. Automation: Become the go-to person!

  15. Progress: Handle the curve ball!

  16. Financials: Master the finance!

  17. Report: End it like a star!


This programme helped me a lot during probation period. I managed to do all tasks given by refering to this programme.

Afiqah Halim, Junior Admin

- Early Bird Price -

Learn now at RM99 ONLY!

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